It might be difficult and time-consuming to live in a property that you’re attempting to sell in today’s market.

You know you need to de-personalize your house in order for it to appeal to potential buyers, but emotionally separating yourself from a place you’ve called home for some time may be tough.

 We can work with your own furniture and accessories to help you display your home’s assets as well as supplement your furniture with our inventory while making it comfortable enough for you to live in until the home sells.

The goal is to objectively showcase your home in a way that would appeal to the most buyers…and sell it more quickly! 



  • In-home session, a full walk-through of the property
  • Discussion of your goals, expectations and budget
  • An assessment of furniture, accessories, room focal points, paint color, flooring condition, lightning adequacy, traffic flow, smells, clutter, curb appeal, and updates and repairs needed 
  • Completion of a detailed Room by Room Marketing Plan Report for those who want to DIY
  • Proposal of staging and other services, including estimated costs, for those recommendations you don’t want to do yourself 
  • Room makeovers using existing furniture and decorative accessories
  • Furniture rental or purchase, if necessary, to supplement existing furniture
  • Hands-On Staging by complementing the style of the home and the profile of the target buyer using some of your existing furniture and newly purchased décor items
  • Investment range $350 – $4,000

Need help selecting and sourcing items that are recommended to enhance your space? 

I know which top-layer elements add craving for your room. 

occupied home staging
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