Hi, my name is Mimi Rosenberg, CEO of OrganizDwell

I grew up in the picturesque and historic city of Plovdiv, Bulgaria. My passion for organizing and helping others reclaim their space, find themselves feeling free and energized is what makes me happy! It's that simple: I follow my heart in every step of my life. Organization has been a part of my life since I was a child. Our upbringing taught us that every piece of clothing or toy had ITS place. Shoes had to go in the shoe cabinet, toys in the toy chest, clothes in the dresser... you are getting the idea, right? I grew up during times when my parents did not have much, we had what we needed, not what we wanted. The lessons I learned having a very simple and humble upbringing stayed with me coming to and living in the land of dreams!

I have earned my Masters in English studies and have educated myself in Interior Design, Home Staging, and Real Estate. I am a proud member of National Association of Professional Organizers and Real Estate Staging Professionals.

I have utilized my organizational skills and established experience in NYC in the field of business administration, client services, and upscale showroom management. I currently reside in Bergen County, NJ with my husband and 2 children. Running a household, two kids' schedules and my own business endeavors are the true facts of my life! And yet I have the time to live simply! Do you want to know how?

OrganizDwell LLC specializes in Home Staging services. Our strategy to a Successful Sale includes depersonalization, reorganizing, setting the stage for Better appeal to Target Buyer using current trends of colors and home accessories. It is absolutely critical that every client gets 110% of our help. We benefit you not only helping you Move on but Achieve a Top Dollar of your Home Sale.

Call us at 201.446.8374, or email us photos for an estimate at

I'm a proud member of both the National Association of Professional Organizers and the Real Estate Staging Association, and I abide by the strictest ethics and guidelines for the industry. Our top priority is your comfort level and confidentiality. We believe that organization provides a sense of peace and calmness. When you are surrounded by an organized space, your mind is at ease, it allows you to think more clearly, not feel overwhelmed, and provides you with a higher level of productivity.